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Most people look at web design as the step where a website is made to look good; where the flash banners and pretty colors are added so visitors will be wowed when they come there for the first time. That is one of the functions of the web design team, but it’s definitely not the primary one. Colors are an important part of the process, but flash and special effects are almost an afterthought for a good designer. What should you consider before any of the lights, bells, and buzzers? Add the functionality and effectiveness of the website. A good web designer doesn’t think first about what a site will look like, but about whether or not it will convert.

At Payless Marketing, our web design team will evaluate your existing website if you have one. Than we will make recommendations about changes that should be implemented. If you don’t have a website, they’re start from scratch. We’ll start with a site map that makes sense and provides users with an easy navigation path. It should be clear from the moment they arrive on your site which way they need to go. That’s your goal when you build a website; you want conversions. Without people taking action, what is the point of building it in the first place?

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Our web designers also take into account the coding which needs to be done for the site to have some SEO value. Meta tags aren’t as important as they once were, but they still need to be included in the original design. We will create content to be clear and concise, containing all the relevant keywords for your business but not overloaded with them. We’ add coding for analytics and conversion tracking also so that we and you can see whether or not a website is working.


There are many studies on colors and consumers’ reactions to them on websites. Certain colors help create a feeling of calm and make the visitor want to stay on that site for a longer period of time. Others turn them away. Combinations can do either, which is why you need a professional to design your website. To get the right color combination right from the beginning is a skill that only comes with experience.

Our web designers have that experience and we would like to put it to work for you.

After we finish coding, choose the the colors, write the content, and we establish navigation, the web designer will look for opportunities to add in flash or video. Video is actually a better choice if we can add it without disrupting the integrity and continuity of the site. We can index it easier and has the potential to go viral and bring you a significant traffic increase. That would be something to discuss with our internet marketing and organic SEO team. Once the website is complete, our designers turn it over to them.

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