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STOP throwing your MONEY AWAY! Payless Marketing is transparent and efficient. We make SEO simple and affordable.

Top 10 Position on Page One on all major search engines is the key to success if you are doing business on the internet. Attaining these positions and holding it requires hard work and dedication to an organic SEO Services campaign.

Website Designs & Content Development

We boast of an unbeaten track record in the field of web design and web development services. Tailor-made web applications that will yield huge amount of profits and give a large return on investment are one of our specialties.

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Coding, Meta Tags,
Site Maps

The time we spend on content development, Meta development, banners, web presenters, articles, directory submissions, and social bookmarks will be well invested when we see your business on the first page for your industry keywords.

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Are you tired of getting random sales call from SEO Company after SEO Company? Are online marketing companies bothering your business morning, noon, and night? Here is WHY they are calling you! Your site, whether you like it or not, once it is launched live on the internet, gets “poked” and “prodded” by search engines. When your site is NOT optimized, professional search engine optimization firms acquire your information directly from the major search engines, and they call you to offer search engine optimization.


What’s the Problem with local search engine optimization?

Most Search Engine Optimization companies do not understand organic programming. They do not understand hot topics like article submission, Google search engine submission. They do not know how to take a tech approach to increase website traffic in order to manage internet marketing. Most internet marketing companies and online marketing companies do not specialize in professional search engine optimization or website development. They either rely too much on social media marketing or they use a template, cookie-cutter offerings over and over again. For your business to benefit and get first page rankings from a search engine optimization promotion standpoint, your site needs to be organically coded and programmed.



How does this search engine marketing work?

Search engine rank is important for you and your business. Most firms, in their terms and conditions, state that they will “do their best” or “work diligently” on your site. They will claim to have “pushed” your site from page 1000 to page 100. At the end of the day, EVEN if your site is on page 2, a search engine user never finds it! The majority of users do not go past page one. Ask yourself, do you ever go to page 2 or 3 or 100?

NO! You pick from the first page! Payless Marketing allows you, THE BUSINESS OWNER to TAKE BACK CONTROL of your site, your business, and your traffic! Stop paying search engine optimization fees that do not functionally include SEO or SEM services! Stop spending hundreds of dollars when you do not even know if you’re working with an SEO specialist! Most web search engine optimization firms outsource everything, stop sending your precious business off shore! Take control of your website ranking today with Payless Marketing.

Why use Payless Marketing for SEO?

You are a business professional. You have spent time and money to build your business. It’s more than a job; it is a career. It is who you are. Your business, your family, your life, all are intertwined. WHO CARES about your business MORE THAN YOU? NO ONE DOES! Payless Marketing gives you ALL of the tools you need and makes optimization as easy as 1,2,3. Our in-house, domestic trained and certified technicians are here to help YOU! STOP throwing you MONEY AWAY! Payless Marketing is transparent. We make SEO simple and affordable. How do we do this? Why choose us?


Simple! We work on multiple sites at one time, all of the techs are in-house and domestic which allows us to control pricing. We do not outsource anything. All of our tools are open to our clients; we walk you through all of your optimization needs. We provide you a “do it yourself” SEO plugin that saves you a lot of money.

Need help? Do not understand how to do this? NO PROBLEM! Any of your in-house domestic technicians are happy to assist you for free! Want us to build the site for you and handle all of the organic coding and computer programming? No PROBLEM! We can do that as well for you! Whether you want to learn how this works, and how to do this step by step or to simply hand the responsibility over to us, Payless Marketing is the internet search engine promotional platform you have been searching for!