Payless Marketing is not your traditional SEO company. Our motto is “we make SEO simple and affordable”! We make it fun too! Online marketing companies are notorious for “smoke and mirrors” explanations of how professional search engine optimization works. There is no “magic potion” for search engine optimization. Everything is very transparent and very technical. To achieve first-page placement, and to gain relevancy, your site must be built and coded from an organic standpoint. Things like article submission, Google search engine submission, back linking, social media platforms, directory linking, information indexing, interactive web design, and reputation management are all effective ways to increase website traffic.


What sets our company apart from other SEO firms?


Internet marketing requires a comprehensive tech approach. Your site is an interactive billboard displayed on the world wide web. YOUR site NEEDS a tech firm to manage it. Most Internet Marketing Companies and Online Marketing Companies over charge for their services. In addition they use BIG FANCY words and try to convince you that ONLY they can assist you. That is so far from the truth. The TRUTH is much simpler. THERE IS NOTHING we do that YOU CANNOT do yourself…IF you have time and desire to get properly trained. YES, this does take a lot of hours from a coding standpoint. However, Payless Marketing not only does the work, but we will also show you how to do this yourself. All of our tools are accessible, and our trained, and certified professional search engine optimization staff is always available!


What is our company Niche with internet marketing?


Payless Marketing specializes in website development. Search Engine Optimization is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to Search Engine Marketing or full-scale SEM, and getting your site FIRST PAGE PLACEMENT on the three major Search Engines! Payless Marketing Understands that your business needs new clients. We also know that your competition is looking for the SAME CUSTOMERS! Payless Marketing provides you with all of the tools necessary to beat your competition and to get the business you desire! We are a technology based marketing firm! We take a hands-on, full spectrum SEM approach to your business, and we utilize all of our tech tools to push you to the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing!



Local Search Engine Optimization

Payless Marketing gives you all of the tools to dominate your local market. Our search engine optimization promotion packages are catered to allow you to launch a full-scale search engine marketing attack against your direct competition. Our in-house techs will work hand in hand with you to increase your search engine rank, getting you to the first page of all three major search engines! We dominate the SEO Los Angeles market as well as other major metropolitan markets! SEO is more than just search engine optimization. You need a fully trained and certified SEO specialist on call to push your business’ web search engine optimization and overall website ranking. Payless Marketing makes it simple and affordable for you to TAKE BACK what is rightfully YOURS! You DESERVE to DOMINATE the FIRST PAGE of the search engines in your area of business! Call us today for a free site analysis!