Targeted Opt in Emails

See the “spam” button on your email server? That’s the button you push when you receive emails that is clogging up your inbox. Once you push it, any mail that comes to you from that sender in the future will automatically end up in your spam folder, the one you never open but empty once a week when you see the little number next to it get high enough. Very few of us ever go into that spam folder and open any of the email in there. There just doesn’t seem to be any point.

Now, think about those email lists that you are using to solicit business for your company. Are they targeted opt in email lists or just a random set of names and email addresses? Sending unwanted email to random recipients is definitely not productive. Every one of those recipients who click the “spam” button when your first email comes in isn’t receiving any of the follow up emails you send.

Are you paying by the email address to have those sent out? If you are, you’re throwing money away.


Opt in email lists and double opt in email lists are the best way to ensure that those who are receiving your emails are actually those who have an interest in what you have to say. We develop them for our clients by running campaigns which invite people to sign up to receive mail from you. For single opt in, a simple confirmation one time puts them on the list. Double opt in will ask them after that if they are sure. A double opt in email list is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. You can use it every time you launch a new product or need to promote a service. You can even use it to distribute company news. Your recipients will read it. They asked for it.


Creating the sign up function for visitors to register for your opt in programs is one of the many options we make available to our SEO and SEM clients. In addition to being a function which will create a valuable list for you; it is also a good barometer for us when evaluating the quality of our content development and website functionality. If a visitor navigates through your site and sees something interesting enough to get them to sign up for follow up emails, we have done something right.

There are other ways to get folks to opt in to your list besides getting them to come to your website. Squeeze pages are one of them. A squeeze page requires visitors to sign up using their email address before they access a certain portion of your website. This it will help you accumulate names and email addresses faster. We do create them if you’re interested, but we’ll also want to go over all options with you before you do. There are certain situations where squeeze pages are recommended and others when you don’t need them. We’ll go over the pros and cons with you before we do anything. We can also show you some numbers from other programs we’ve done.

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