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It might seem a little strange to some that a company like Payless Marketing, which specializes in organic SEO, would offer PPC management as one of our services. If you’re one of those folks who think that SEM and SEO are exclusive from each other, you’re not seeing the entire picture. The two marketing philosophies can compliment each other if used properly together. As a stand alone service nothing brings traffic in the door faster than a well run PPC campaign. We use it as a catalyst to get your marketing campaign started. We may continue to use it even after you’re starting to see a rise in your page rankings. Why stop something if it works?

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. It’s a term typically used to describe marketing strategies where you pay for a direct result, like PPC. SEO, or search engine optimization. It’s an organic strategy where results come after doing a number of other tasks not directly targeted at the consumer. To put it in simple terms for the business owner, SEM gives you instant gratification but will stop when you stop spending.

SEO doesn’t pay off for a while, but the results are long term and lasting.


When companies first come to us with a need to improve their internet presence, we set up both short term and long term strategies. We want our clients to see results right away, so we use PPC and first page placement options to get you immediate traffic. Though there are instances where PPC works well enough to set up long term campaigns, we usually use it just in the beginning of your SEO marketing program while we’re doing link building and submissions to directories.


For us as a company, there are also other uses for PPC which aren’t related to getting conversions or sign-ups. PPC is a good way to see which keywords perform the best, a piece of information that helps us in content development and creating a marketing strategy. We have tools that will tell us which keywords get the most traffic and least competition. Attaching those to an ad and running them for a while can give us a wealth of other information about how buyers in your particular market respond.

Another use for PPC is to promote or publicize a product, service, or individual. It’s not just businesses that come to us for help with their internet marketing campaigns. We’ve had individuals who have projects and programs they need marketing for ask us for help, even the occasional politician. These special clients require a different kind of PPC management. Most folks think that only Google Adwords or similar programs like MIVA are effective PPC, but did you know Facebook has a PPC program? Pay attention during election season and you’ll see all those “Do you like … ?” ads popping up in your right sidebar. Those are PPC ads. We can set up one of those campaigns for you too.

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