Online Reputation Management

The internet is a powerful vehicle for spreading the word about the benefits of doing business with your company. That’s the reason why Payless Marketing is able to help our customers become so successful so quickly. We can bring any page on your website from relative obscurity to a prominent position on search Page One for your industry keywords. We use a combination of link building, PPC, first page placement, and social media marketing. The most positive attributes of what you have to offer will be highlighted for all to see. You’ll get the new business you ask us to get for you.

Now, imagine if another company was hired to spread bad information about you. The same tactics we use to bring your website to the top of Page One could be used to spotlight a negative piece about you, another website, perhaps a press release announcing something you did or allegedly did. Sometimes we even see fabrications on websites that specialize in scaring people by claiming others are a “rip-off” or scam of some kind. Many of those websites don’t verify their facts before they publish them. They just post them up so they can grab some free traffic and publicity.


Your reputation on the internet is important

We can’t stop others from posting negative things about you, but we can combat their campaign with a positive reputation management campaign that will push them right off the front page. It doesn’t matter what anyone says if the general public can’t see it or doesn’t bother to read it. How many times have you actually gone deeper than Page One when you did a keyword search? Our goal is to own the front page, the entire page, so that only what you want people to hear will be in front of them.


A bad reputation it’s not always a caused ofy someone else’s actions. Sometimes companies make mistakes or inadvertently put out a defective product. You wouldn’t want the recall notice to be the first thing people see when they go looking for your company years from now, would you? Just ask Toyota. What was once one of the most successful auto manufacturers in the world is now going through a serious crisis over recent recalls.  You can be sure their people are working on a reputation management campaign.

It’s doubtful that what you have to deal with is as publicized as the Toyota case. Any negative information about you on the web can be costly, particularly if you’re a small business. Let us manage your reputation for you, even if you don’t have anything negative out there. New customers will have a positive attitude from the first moment they do business with you. That’s what you want to see in a new client. Skeptics are a headache you really don’t need.

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