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Organic SEO is a word used to describe something that grows until you can harvest it. Organic SEO is an internet marketing strategy that requires a lot of planting and cultivating. The seeds are articles, press releases, social bookmarks, content, and directory registrations. The cultivation process involves submitting your website URL to as many places as possible; getting quality back links which will improve your page rank and position with the search engines. Harvest time is when you see your company listed at the top of search engine Page One for all your industry keywords.

Just like with any planting and growing, organic SEO takes time. At Payless Marketing, we’ve developed a strategy that works, but we need to let you know up front that you won’t see instant results. Some of the submissions we do take months to show up and the search engine spiders that index websites are on their own schedule. Organic SEO, also known as “Natural SEO”, takes time and patience. If you don’t have either, you will be very frustrated while we’re building and implementing your marketing campaign.


Our team has incorporated SEM, or search engine marketing techniques to compliment the search engine optimization we do. Using a PPC or first page placement program may seem to be very different from what we’re trying to do with organic SEO; we want you to get some benefits from our service right away. We can also use those campaigns to help us better evaluate which keywords are working and who is responding. That can be advantageous when planning the next round of directory or social media submissions.


Of course, there’s more to organic SEO than just link building. We begin every client relationship by evaluating your website and web content. Our teams of designers and SEO writers will go through each page and coding to make sure you have the proper assets; keywords, keyword density, Meta description and title tags, and site links and site map which makes sense. We will evaluate functionality and user experience of your site and we’ll recommend and implement changes that will improve it.

At Payless Marketing, we believe that every business should be able to compete for the main keywords in their industry. We’ve spent the past ten years watching search engines like Google and Yahoo dictate where a business will show up when you do a keyword search. Page rank is determined by algorithms and there are certain variables of those algorithms which are more important than others. Our job as your SEO Company is to always know what those variables are. They change regularly, but there are some constants. We know that two of them are quality content and links from human edited websites, so those are two areas we concentrate on.

There are others, but you’ll have to hire us to find out what they are.

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